Perpetuum Jazzile


Perpetuum Jazzile is known as one of the most popular European vocal groups, specializing in attractive rhythmic music using voices only, garnering well over 70 million views on YouTube by January 2019. Unique song renditions of this critically-acclaimed vocal orchestra from Slovenia are known for their powerful rhythms, rich harmonies, spiced up by the vibrant singers' energy. In 2017 Perpetuum Jazzile has also been proud to enter the race for Grammy nominations in four categories. In the recent years, the group has rocked the concert halls of North and South America, Asia, and all across Europe, while it has also been proud to enrich many events of the most demanding corporate clients, such as Disney Europe, Pirelli Calendar, Renault, and others.

Samo Vovk


Samo Vovk is active as a musician, singer, arranger, producer, guitarist, and pianist. He started to practice singing more seriously during his student years, when he entered the world of a cappella music through the Perpetuum Jazzile choir. He also began to teach himself music arrangement and jazz harmony. He is currently the artistic leader and arranger for the Vokalni band Kreativo a cappella ensemble. As an arranger and composer, he previously also collaborated with other a cappella groups and choirs both at home and abroad. Since 2012, he plays guitar in a duo with his wife, violist Barbara Grahor Vovk.