Female choir Carmen manet


Carmen manet is a female chamber choir founded in 2011 and is made up of the best singers of past generations of the Gimnazija Kranj Girls Choir. The name, which means “the song remains” in Latin, signifies the singers staying together even after their high school years. The members of Carmen manet like to speak of their profound friendship and their special musical projects, such as The Song of the Northern Winds (Pesem severnega vetra), Voice Dance (Ples glasov), On the Steps of Carmen manet (Da koder Carmen manet hodi) and I See You (Vidim te), which have been focusing on different heritage of music ranging from Scandinavian tales to Pop music, classical pieces and folk songs, and accompanied by stage choreography and costumography. Carmen manet has been conducted by Primož Kerštanj since the beginning. Despite its young age, the choir has already achieved excellent results at several international competitions in Italy, Croatia, China, Switzerland and Latvia. Their international reputation has been shaped especially due to their Grand prix win on the 50th Montreaux International Choral Competition in April 2014 and their achievement of becoming Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017 on the first competition for the European Choir of the Year in Riga 2017.

Primož Kerštanj


Primož Kerštanj is the conductor and choral guru of the Carmen manet choir, which won numerous awards both at home and abroad. His international reputation and renown are evidenced in his participation in panels at choral competitions across the globe. He is the artistic director at the Do Re Mi music centre in Bled, where he has dedicated himself in recent years to working with children with special needs.