Samo Vovk


Samo Vovk is active as a musician, singer, arranger, producer, guitarist, and pianist. He started to practice singing more seriously during his student years, when he entered the world of a cappella music through the Perpetuum Jazzile choir. He also began to teach himself music arrangement and jazz harmony. He is currently the artistic leader and arranger for the Vokalni band Kreativo a cappella ensemble. As an arranger and composer, he previously also collaborated with other a cappella groups and choirs both at home and abroad. Since 2012, he plays guitar in a duo with his wife, violist Barbara Grahor Vovk.

Vocal band Kreativo


Since 2013, the Kreativo Vocal Band has begun exciting their audience with more vocal treats on a more regular basis. It is about that time that the forces centered on their first album with somewhat unoriginal, yet very meaningful title “Kreativo” (“The Creative”). The album represents a tribute to the Slovenian music, featuring only songs in their mother tongue. In nearly a half-decade of their joint musical venture, Jana, Valentina, Aleš, Dominik, Samo, Luka and their sound engineer Miha can pride themselves with quite a few noted achievements. It is worth mentioning a silver award and a special bronze Ward Swingle award presented in the Jazz Ensemble category at the International A Cappella Competition Graz, first place at the Slovenian A Cappella Festival called “Sredi Zvezd” (Among the Stars) in 2016, and to top it all a gold award and a gold Ward Swingle award in the A Cappela Pop Ensamble category at the International A Cappella Competition Graz. In 2017, they also performed at festivals in München and Budapest, and had the honour of performing at the Summer Night Festival in Ljubljana commemorating the 80th anniversary of the birth of Jože Privšek. Last autumn, the band recorded its latest audio/visual album, which was published on a special storage media – the appealing USB stick. It features audio and video recordings from their annual concert held at the Štih Hall in Cankarjev dom. Their song selection for the new album, as well as in general, is very diverse, variegated and captivating. These “creative singers” venture together on a music journey between jazz, pop, rock, folk songs and everything that lies in between.