Academic Choir Maribor


The Academic Choir Maribor has been creating music within the cultural society KUD Študent, which also includes the Student Folklore Group Študent, since 1964. It is one of the main bearers of student, youth and amateur culture in Maribor; at the same time, APZ Maribor is the ambassador of our country on many international gatherings, competitions and festivals. The singers, mostly students of various faculties, have been creating high-quality music for many years. The first conductor of the choir was Stane Jurgec, who successfully led the choir from the very beginning until 1991. The choir, which was first named the Academic Choir Boris Kraigher, was founded under the patronage of the University of Maribor. In accordance with the new period that was yet to come, the choir changed its name to the Academic Choir Maribor in 1991 and has retained its name until today. The choir also performed under the baton of Ivan Vrbančič, Alenka Korpar, Simon Robinson, Jože Fürst, Jasmina Dobaj and Zsuzsa Budavari Novak. The excellent composer and choir director Tadeja Vulc has been their conductor and artistic leader since 2012. The 50-member choir is very successful at international competitions and festivals at home and abroad, at organizing individual concerts and participating in various projects every season.

Tadeja Vulc


Driven by a deep desire for creating, composer Tadeja Vulc studied composition at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana under Assoc. Prof. Uroš Rojko and furthered her studies in composition at the University of Music in Vienna with composer Michael Jarrell. Since 1995, Tadeja Vulc has been devoting her time to choral conducting. She has conducted many different choirs and ensembles in various projects throughout the country and abroad, and received numerous awards in recognition of choral performance and repertoire selection.