Andrej Makor


Composer and choirmaster Andrej Makor belongs to the younger generation of Slovenian composers. Makor has also made a name for himself as a solo singer and music teacher. Recently, he has enjoyed great success as a choral conductor.

Mixed Choir Obala Koper


The Mixed Choir Obala Koper was founded in 1977 and it has been led by a number of successful conductors. Since 2017, the leader is the renowned composed Andrej Makor. Obala has won 12 gold plates at the national choral competition “Naša pesem” in Maribor and a number of first prizes and awards at foreign competitions: the latest achievements come from Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Italy. The singers are also especially proud of various projects that they have realized and of the International Choir Festival Koper, which will have its 13th edition this year.